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Turtles make great pets and they are easy to name. They don't bark or make too much noise. They are low maintenance and don't take up too much of your time. You don't have to take them for long walks twice a day and best of all; they are always hanging out in their home waiting for you.


Did you know that:

- There are 300 sub species of turtles on our earth?

- The largest turtle (The Leatherback Turtle) lives in the sea and can grow to over 2,000 pounds and 6.6 feet in length?

- The smallest sub species of turtle (the Speckled Padloper Tortoise) lives lives in South Africa and only grows up to 3.1 inches long and tips the scale at a whopping 4.9 ounces?

- A baby turtle is called a "Hatchling"?

- A group of turtles is called a "Bale"?

- Turtles originated over 200 million years ago?

- There are no native turtles in Antarctica?

- Because turtles are cold-blooded they can only control their body temperature by "basking" (being in sunlight or warm temperatures)?

- Many species can live to be over 100 years old (even the American Box Turtle)?

- One turtle (estimated to be about 50 years old at the time of capture) lived another 152 years in captivity making it over 200 years old? He was an Indian Ocean Giant Tortoise.

- When startled some turtles can emit an odor?

- They can swim up to 35 miles an hour?

- Some turtles hibernate?

- Their color and markings allow them to blend into their environment?

- Some turtles have soft, flexible shells and not hard shells?

- Their shells are built into their skeleton?

- Some turtles are master climbers?

- Turtle shells can break?

- Some land turtles are actually faster than humans?

- Some turtles that hibernate have blood that is like antifreeze which lets them endure cold temperatures?

- The carapace (top shell) of a turtle is made up of approximately 50 bones?

- When mating, some turtles make noise?

- Hatchlings have an "egg tooth" at the end of their "beak" to help them break open their egg when they hatch?

- Aquatic turtles can only eat in water?

- It takes four years for some female turtles to hatch eggs after mating?

- The sex of a hatchling depends on the incubation temperature?

- Unlike other reptiles, turtles shed their skin in flakes not chunks?

- Aquatic and semi aquatic turtles have thinner skin and less heavy scales than the dry enviroment turtles? Thicker sales help prevent fluid loss.

- Some turtles can go a year without eating?

- All species of turtles lay their eggs on land and not in water?

- Earlier species of turtles had teeth but could not retract their heads?

- Some turtles like the Box turtle have a hinge to allow part of their shell to move?

- Contrary to polular belief you can not tell their age by counting the rings on their scutes (scales) on the top shell?

- Tortoises can not swim?

- Some turtles can dig a tunnel 45 feet long?

- Land turtles can hear ground vibrations?

- Improper care and feeding is common and causes MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease)?

- You can't just put any turtle into any environment? You must research to know what kind of environment your turtle needs.

- Turtles have good eyesight and can see in color?

- Turtles have a strong sense of smell?

- Turtles have excellent hearing?

- Turtles have an excellent sense of touch? They can even feel with their shells due to the nerve endings.

- Their beak could be used like scissors, a hook or a serrated knife depending on the species?





Despite the opinion of some people, turtles have mannerisms. I have always found that the best way to name my turtle was to make a great home for it, wait for it to become comfortable in it's new environment and then how how he or she behaves.

Based on this, some of my turtles from the past have been:

- Bubbler

- Climber

- Meat Hooks


- Blinky

However, the list we offer you has thousands of names for you to pick from. Some of the more common names include:

- Fred

- Barney

- Leatherback

- Mr. Thompson


- Mr Dingles (common in California so I have learned)


Most of the time you will get whatever turtle the pet store offers, however, some of the more specialized stores offer choices such as:

Worlds Best Turtle Names Red Eared Slider Turtle Red Eared Slider - Grows up to 8 - 10 inches long

Eastern Box Turtle - Grows up to 4 - 8 inches longWorld's Best Turtle Names Eastern Box Turlte

World's Best Turtle Names Western Painted Turtle Western Painted Turtle - Adults reach up to 7 - 8 inches long

Map Turtle - Females grow up to 6 - 10 inches long World's Best Turtle Names Map Turtle Males only about half this size

World's Best Turtle Names Map Turtle 5 - 9 inches in size and as the name suggests, prefers a mixed environment of cover and basking locations.

Your turtle deserves the best name you can select so please take your time and browse through the thousands of names offered. Select the name you like the best and say it to your turtle at every feeding time to reinforce it to him or her. A turtle or tortoise that comes when you call it... The wait is worth it!

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